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(For Volunteers) I need to update my time zone.
(For Volunteers) I need to update my time zone.
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So you scheduled a call but need to update your time zone? No worries - just follow these steps.

Updating Your Time Zone

Need to change the time zone of your upcoming call? It's easy! First, just log on to your dashboard and select "Reschedule." By rescheduling the call you're ensuring that the new call time accurately reflects your updated time zone.

Screenshot showing how to look to the project card on your dashboard and hit the Reschedule button.

Next, take a look at the top left corner for the "Edit" button, illustrated below, to update your time zone. Don't forget to suggest at least 5 new times to the Organization. Once you do, your new call (and calls moving forward) will be scheduled according to your updated time zone.

screenshot: edit time zone on the upper left hand side and send 5 new time slots to the Organization.

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