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(For Organizations) I need to update my time zone
(For Organizations) I need to update my time zone

Learn how to edit your time zone. All links in this article will open in a new tab.

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So you scheduled a call, but realized you need to update your time zone? No worries - just follow these steps.

Updating Your Time Zone

Need to change the time zone of your upcoming call? It's easy - just log on to your dashboard and select "Reschedule." 

Image shows a user's project on their dashboard with the 'Interview Actions' dropdown menu displayed and the 'Reschedule Interview' option highlighted.

Take a look at the top left corner for the "Edit" button to update your time zone. Don't forget to suggest at least 5 new times to the volunteer.

Image shows a user selecting time slots in the scheduling system with their timezone highlighted in the top left corner.

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