Our pre-scoped projects get you anywhere from 5-50 hours of a volunteer's time, and they're great if you need a volunteer to do something for you - like design a new logo, or build you a donor database. We have over 100 project templates on our Project Menu that you can choose from.  (Having trouble finding the right project for your needs? Check out this guide on using the project menu)

Once you've selected a project that meets your needs, click the yellow Get Started button to begin the posting process:

1. Deliverables

For every project, we've already outlined the final deliverables - but if there's anything extra you'd like to request, feel free to add it to your Add details about what you need section.


2. Resources

This sections lets potential volunteers know that you're prepared to prioritize and support them in completing a successful project. (You can toggle over to Write Your Own if you'd prefer to describe this in your own words)


3. Impact

Help volunteers understand why this project is so important to your organization, and how it will help in the long run. This will motivate them to apply!

For every project, we've also estimated the amount of money it would cost to hire a consultant to complete the work. Finish the sentence above to let volunteers know what you could do with those extra funds, and help them understand the potential impact of their work.


4. Image 

The last piece of your project post is to upload a cover photo. Instead of adding your logo here, pick a compelling photograph that will draw volunteers' attention. As always, feel free to scroll over to the yellow question mark on the right hand side for tips as well as a preview of how your cover photo will appear to volunteers. 


5. Final Details

Fun Fact

This field is optional - but we recommend you fill it out! This will help potential volunteers see a glimpse of who you are, and make them excited to work with you.

Profile Information 

Ensuring that your profile information is up to date is an essential opportunity to let volunteers put a face to the name of your project, literally! Your profile picture and organization logo are both easy ways to inspire volunteers to apply for your project.

6. Review & Post 

Before your project goes live, you'll have a chance to review your whole post. Check for any typos or inconsistencies - make sure you appear professional to potential volunteers.

Tip: Want a second set of eyes on your project? Click "Save for Later" before posting it, and let us know. Our Nonprofit Advisors can review it for you!


7. Post Your Project

Once you feel good about your project, click Post Your Project in the bottom right corner to make it live! Our confirmation page will show you what happens next. 

Expect to receive your first applicant within 5 days. Every time a volunteer applies, we'll send you an email from no-reply@catchafire.org.  So you can review and screen the right volunteer for your needs we find our matching process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. 


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