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(For Organizations) Projects vs. Phone Calls
(For Organizations) Projects vs. Phone Calls

Understand whether you need a fully-scoped project or a 1-hour call with an expert. All links in this article will open in a new tab.

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Our Project Menu offers a variety of project and phone consultation options to meet your needs! So, how do you know which type is better suited for you? What's the difference between projects and phone calls?

Projects are fully scoped and range anywhere from 5 to 50 hours. 

Projects are great if you need a Volunteer to help do something for your Organization - such as design a logo or build your Organization a new donor database. You can access these by selecting the "Explore Projects" link at the top of our Project Menu.

Image screenshot of Project Menu overview: Explore Projects tab.

Phone calls get you 1 hour of a volunteer's time. 

Phone calls are great if you need a Volunteer to discuss something with your Organization - such as brainstorming a name for a new program, or choosing the right platform to build your website. These calls are more freeform than full length projects, so you can easily customize a post and have a chat about your needs. You can access these calls by selecting the "Post A Call" link at the top of our Project Menu.

Image screenshot of "Post a Call" tab.


Try starting with a call: 1-hour phone calls are a great way to get your toes wet in the virtual volunteering world, especially if you want help clarifying your needs before committing to a full project. You can even speak with more than one Volunteer on a call. After your conversation with a Volunteer, you can always follow up by posting a project request!

Projects can always include a phone interview: There's no need to use phone calls to recruit Volunteers for a full project. Every project allows you to interview your applicants so you can get to know them and decide if they are right for a more full length engagement. 

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