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(For Organizations) My project or call hasn't received applications yet
(For Organizations) My project or call hasn't received applications yet

Tips and tricks for getting top notch applicants quickly.

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We typically see projects and calls receive their first applications 1 week after they've been posted, but since the process is dependent on professionals opting in and applying, sometimes it can take a bit longer than expected. Read below for a few things you can do to accelerate your matching timeline.

1. Proofread your post

Check your post for any typos, or areas where you can further clarify what you're looking for from prospective Volunteers. We've found that high quality posts lead to high quality Volunteers. Conversely, Volunteers tend to pass on projects and calls that look like they were posted haphazardly. 

2. Request a Volunteer

Try our Request A Volunteer feature to review a list of prequalified Volunteers and directly invite them to apply to your project. To get started, select "Request Volunteers" on your project listing.

3. Share your post on social media

It's possible that one of your existing supporters already has the skills you're looking for, and would be more likely to volunteer after viewing a well articulated, fully-scoped Catchafire post about the work. Feel free to share links to your projects on your Organization's social media pages to connect with these prospective Volunteers! You can always access the link to your specific project by going to your Catchafire dashboard and selecting the name of the one you'd like to promote.

4. Spruce up your Organization's profile

Volunteers are more likely to apply to volunteer with an Organization whose Catchafire profile is completed. This includes:

  • Uploading your logo

  • Uploading a compelling cover photo

  • Filling in your mission statement

  • Adding a link to your website (if available)

You'll also want to ensure that your personal profile is complete with a profile picture and biography. This way, Volunteers can get to know the person behind the Organization and the project they'll be working on.

Taken all these steps, but still haven't received applications? Reach out to us using the blue chat bubble on the bottom-right of your screen (for keyboard-only and screen-reader users, please email us at [email protected])!

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