Accessing Applications

Every time a volunteer applies to one of your posts, you'll receive an email notification from Applications will remain on your Catchafire dashboard until you've taken action on them, and you can have up to 3 applications pending review at once.

Click Projects to access your listings from your dashboard.

Next, click Review Application to learn more about the volunteer. 


Evaluating Applications 

You should review volunteer applications carefully, to ensure you're selecting the best possible volunteer for your needs. Here's what to look out for:

1. Prerequisites

When applying for projects, volunteers must indicate whether or not they meet any required prerequisites. If they don't meet the prerequisites, examine other parts of their application to see how they'd make up for a potential gap in experience.

2. Application Questions

For every project application, volunteers must answer two questions:

  • How are you qualified to help this organization?
  • Why is this opportunity exciting?

The best volunteers will have well-crafted, thoughtful answers which indicate they're passionate about your cause, and are equipped to complete the job.

3. Sample Work

If applicable, volunteers can attach samples of past work for your review. These are especially important for projects involving graphic design, writing, and web development. If your volunteer hasn't provided a sample, but you'd like to see one, message us and we can request one for you.

4. Bio & Professional Experience

Just like a resume, scan through the volunteer's biography and experience to understand their professional background, and how it aligns with your needs.

5. Testimonials

If the volunteer has worked on other Catchafire projects before, you'll see that indicated at the bottom of the application, as well as any testimonials that other nonprofits have submitted about them. While prior Catchafire experience is not a requirement, it's certainly a plus!


Responding to Applications

If you're excited and want to learn more about the volunteer, click Schedule Interview to find a time for a call.

If you don't think they're a good fit, click Pass so they know to look for other volunteer opportunities. They will receive an automated message from our team notifying them of your decision.



  • For projects, you can interview more than one volunteer before making a final decision. For phone consultations, you can also select to speak with multiple volunteers by clicking on the "Yes, Connect More" button after sending times to one volunteer. Otherwise, click "No, I'm Good."
  • We recommend responding to your volunteer applications within 2 business days if possible. Failure to respond to applications within a timely manner may result in your project being canceled.


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