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(For Volunteers) Projects vs. Phone Calls
(For Volunteers) Projects vs. Phone Calls

Understand the different types of volunteer engagements you can choose from.

Written by Bri Thomas
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At Catchafire, there's a range of volunteer opportunities available to choose from on our Project Search page. Read below to learn more about the various types of engagements we offer, from one-hour calls to multi-week projects, and discover what's best for you!

Projects vs. Phone Calls: What's the difference?

Screenshot of your Find A Project Page listed by phone calls and longterm projects

Projects are fully scoped and range anywhere from 5 to 50 hours. Projects are great if you're ready to do something for a nonprofit - like design a logo or build a new Salesforce database.

Phone calls require just 1 hour of your time. Phone calls are great if you're willing to discuss something with a nonprofit - like brainstorming a name for a new program or choosing the right platform to build a website. Whether diving into a specific question or topic, these engagements are a much smaller commitment than working on a full project  - just one hour, and you're done! 

Where do I start?

If you don't know where to begin, starting with a 1-hour phone call is a great way to gain experience in the virtual volunteering world. You can always follow up by applying for a project!

Interested in a long-term project, but not sure if it's the best fit for your time or skills? Apply anyway! Remember: Interviews are the perfect place to learn more about a project before committing.

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