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(For Organizations) Registering and Posting Your First Project or Call
(For Organizations) Registering and Posting Your First Project or Call

Learn how to get started on Catchafire by creating your profile and posting your first project/call. All links open in a new tab.

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With our newest registration process, you can sign up on Catchafire and get help fast!

How it Works:

  1. Right after registration, you'll be guided through posting your first call!

  2. Choose Call for the quickest and simplest onboarding path to connecting with Volunteers.

    1. You can also choose Project which will take you to our project menu. If you're interested in posting any projects from there, check out this helpful guide.

Step 1: Choosing a Topic

  1. Suggested call topics are recommended because they relate to the priorities that were selected during registration

  2. We have a variety of call topics, but you can only choose one at this time to post.

  3. Click Next to move on.

Step 2: Fill Out Details

  1. You can write out your own call details, OR

  2. You can choose from 3 suggestions

    1. Suggestions are written by Catchafire experts and are calls we believe could be beneficial to most Organizations.

    2. You can copy a suggestion and then edit it to better fit your needs as well.

  3. Add "Additional Details" to be as specific as you can regarding the type of support you're looking for or what you believe would be most helpful.

  4. Click Next to move on.

Step 3: Review and Edit

  1. You'll be given a preview of what the call posting will look like.

  2. We recommend editing the cover image to stand out! You can use an image from your Organization or a stock image.

  3. From this page, you can edit the call details and additional context (if needed). If you do choose to edit this information, you will be taken back to step 2 to do so.

  4. Click Post Call to post the call and exit the onboarding flow process.

    1. If you're not quite ready to post yet, you can also click Save & Exit on this page and you will exit to your dashboard where the call will be saved as a draft.

Step 4: Confirmation

Congrats! You've posted your first call 🎉. From here, we recommend using the Request a Volunteer feature to invite pre-qualified applicants to your post.

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