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(For Organizations) How to skip an interview
(For Organizations) How to skip an interview

Know you've found the one? Learn how to work with a Volunteer without the step of a project interview.

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Maybe you've already connected with the Volunteer in the past or used our chat feature to speak with someone that caught your eye - go ahead and skip your interview!

Get Started Right Away with the Perfect Volunteer

To match with an applicant and bypass the interview process, first click on "Review application". You will see the following options on the volunteer's application:

If you select "Start project", you will receive the following prompt to confirm you would like to move forward with out scheduling an interview.

If the "Start project" button is not visible on your project, this means that an interview is required for the project type. To skip the interview for these projects, you will first have to schedule a time with the volunteer. Then, you can select "Skip interview and select volunteer" from the Interview actions dropdown menu.

Questions? Reach out to us at or using the blue chat bubble at the bottom of the screen.

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