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(For Organizations) I'm having an issue with my Volunteer
(For Organizations) I'm having an issue with my Volunteer

Things happen - we're here to help.

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We know it's frustrating when a project goes off track. If any of the following statements apply to you, it may be best to repost your project and find a new Volunteer:

  • I'm having trouble getting in touch with my Volunteer after repeated attempts to communicate.

  • My Volunteer isn't able to get the project done in the agreed upon timeline.

  • I'm unhappy with the quality of work my Volunteer produced.

Remember: You're always able to reach out to our team, using the blue chat bubble on the bottom-right of your screen, anytime you have questions or need support working with your Volunteer!

How to Find a New Volunteer

To find a new Volunteer, scroll to the project in question on your Catchafire dashboard, select "More Actions," and then select "Find New Volunteer."

You'll then be prompted to let us know why you'd like a new Volunteer. Choose your reason, and select "Relist Project" to make it official!

💡Tip: Doing so will trigger a friendly automated email notification to your previous Volunteer, so we'd also recommend reaching out to them personally to let them know you're taking the project in a different direction.

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