Once you start reviewing applications, you might find that an applicant isn't a good fit for the project or that you simply prefer to work with one of your other applicants. No problem!

Passing on an Applicant

To pass on a Volunteer, go to their application on your Catchafire dashboard, click "Review Application," and hit "Pass."

Reviewing a sample project application and either schedule interview or pass

When you pass on a Volunteer, we'll ask you for some information (illustrated below) to better understand why they weren't the right fit - this helps us further improve our algorithms and better support you in the matching process moving forward.

Reasons for Passing on a Volunteer

Don't worry - this information does not get sent to the Volunteer. Instead, the Volunteer receives a very kind automated email from Catchafire explaining that they were not selected for your particular project.

Tip: Even if you only have one application, if you know the Volunteer isn't a good fit, please pass on them. Promptly passing on an application increases their chances of working with another nonprofit in our community. 

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