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(For Organizations) Team Projects & Calls
(For Organizations) Team Projects & Calls
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Find out how your organization can work with multiple volunteers!

*Please note that the team project feature is only available for certain organizations and volunteer teams.

What is a Team Project or Call?

The purpose of a team project or call is to bring together experts from top companies to collaborate on a project. You will benefit from having multiple experts with a variety of skill-sets and expertise work together to make an impact on your organization.


The structure of team projects is fundamentally the same as individual projects and calls. The only difference is that you will benefit from the collaboration of multiple experts!

One volunteer in the team will be designated as the Team Lead. The Team Lead will be in charge of applying to the project for the team, and will be your direct point of contact on the Catchafire platform. You can communicate with other team members anytime, but the Team Lead will be responsible for staying in contact, and ensuring that you receive consistent communication and updates from the team.

The Volunteer Manager's Role

The good news is, a team project does not require any additional time or commitment from you! You will post the project in the exact same way you would post a project for an individual volunteer.

Posting a Team Project or Call

When creating a new project, you won’t have to worry about requesting a team - certain project categories are already flagged as being appropriate for teams. Once posted, the project or call will display this "Good for groups" tag:

Here are just a few examples of our team project & call categories:

When viewing applications, you will see a “Group” tag next to an application from a team. When reviewing their application, you'll be able to see how many team members are in the group.

Interviewing & Scheduling a Call

You will schedule an interview or call the same way you would with an individual - just note that the Team Lead is responsible for sharing call information and scheduling a time that works for their team.

Completing a project

After completing a team project, you will be asked to participate in a post-project survey. Your feedback on your experience is greatly appreciated so that we can continue to improve our processes!

Whenever you're ready, you can continue exploring our project menu to find your next call or project!

Questions? You can reach out to us at [email protected] or click on the blue chat bubble at the bottom of your screen.

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