This is where your Catchafire journey starts! Take a look around our Open Projects page and browse for opportunities, you'll be able to filter in a few different ways:

  • By the engagement length (fully scoped projects or 1-hour phone consultations)
  • By the causes you're passionate about
  • By the skills you want to share


Phone Consultations Versus Fully Scoped Projects

Curious about the difference between the two different kinds of engagements? 

Projects are fully scoped and range anywhere from 5 to 50 hours. 

Projects are great if you're ready to do something for a nonprofit - like design a logo or build a new Salesforce database.

Phone consultations require just 1 hour of your time. 

Calls are great if you're willing to discuss something with a nonprofit - like brainstorming a name for a new program, or choosing the right platform to build their website on. They're a much smaller commitment than working on a full project. 

Find out more information about the differences between these two engagements here.


Your Application

Once you've found an opportunity that aligns with your skills and cause area, get started by clicking on the project and selecting the yellow Apply Now button.

1. Prerequisites

The first step of the application is to let the organization know whether or not you meet the prerequisites for the project. We highly encourage you to only apply for projects where you have the requested background. However, if you do not, you have the opportunity to explain why you’re still capable.

2. Your Profile 

Share a little about yourself! Please be sure to include a photo of yourself, short biography, and resume. You can either manually include information or choose to import your experience from LinkedIn. 

3. Your Qualifications 

Finally, you’ll answer two questions for the organization: why you’re qualified and why you’re drawn to their cause. You'll also have the opportunity to upload or link to samples of relevant past work.

You only have 100 words for each response, so be concise! You can highlight similar projects you’ve completed in the past, current skills that you're utilizing throughout your day job, as well as connect your experience to why you chose this particular organization. Our partners are extremely mission-driven, so they love to hear about how your personal story and/or passion connects to their cause!

When necessary providing additional documents, graphics, websites, or work samples can help give your application a leg up on other applications. Doing so will help provide organizations with an additional sense of your skills, experience, and accomplishments.  

Before submitting your application you will have a chance to review all of your materials. Afterwards hit apply and your application will go directly to the nonprofit’s Volunteer Manager!

Next Steps

If the organization is interested in scheduling an interview, you will receive an email with instructions for scheduling a 30 minute two-way interview call. We encourage organizations to respond to applications within one week of receiving them.


  • Applying to multiple projects: We encourage you to apply to multiple projects, but recommend applying to no more than 5 at a time so you have sufficient time to schedule interviews before applying again.
  • Retracting applications: If you can’t commit to the project any more, you can always retract your application by clicking into the project on the right hand side of your dashboard and clicking "retract".
  • Viewing application after you've submitted: If you're interested in reviewing your submitted application(s), feel free to reach out to our team by clicking on the bottom-right chat bubble!


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