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(For Volunteers) Retracting Applications
(For Volunteers) Retracting Applications

Learn how to retract your application from a project or 1-hour phone consultation call. All links in this article will open in a new tab.

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Maybe you no longer have the availability to take on a project, or something came up! Read below to learn how to retract your application.

Just After Submission

If you've just submitted an application, you can retract your application directly from your dashboard by clicking Retract Application.

screenshot: "Retract Application" option is available in the upper right hand side of your project card.

During the Interview Process

In the event you have already scheduled an interview and need to retract your application, you can do so within your dashboard. Just click on "Cancel phone call and retract application."

screenshot: if you're in the interview process and would like to retract your application: click "Cancel interview and retract application" at the bottom of the project card.

After You've Already Matched

If you're trying to retract your application after you've matched with an Organization, reach out to us using the blue chat bubble on the bottom-right of your screen (For keyboard-only and screen-reader users, please email us at This link opens in a new tab) and let us know of your situation.

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