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(For Volunteers) Completing Your Personal Bio
(For Volunteers) Completing Your Personal Bio

Show nonprofits who you are and why you want to volunteer. All links in this article will open in a new tab.

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The more information you can share with our nonprofit community, the more you're putting a face behind the skills you're offering (literally!). Read below for instructions on how to update your profile.

Your Profile Settings

To view and access your personal profile for editing, simply hover over your profile image on the top-right of the site, select "My Profile," then select "Edit Profile" (listed in red). You'll then be brought to your Settings, where you can adjust the various aspects included in your profile.

Screenshot showing how yo click edit Profile Settings for your Catchafire page.

Your Personal Profile

Your Personal Profile is where you can add your name, photo, current job title, location, biography and related links. We encourage you to make sure this information is always up-to-date! Here's a few tips for what to include in your bio to make your profile really stand out:

  • Your current title and what you do

  • What you enjoy about your job

  • Why you're passionate about skills-based volunteering

  • A professional accomplishment

  • A fun fact about yourself!

  • Connecting your Catchafire profile with your LinkedIn account

Our mission is to create a more loving world where we all can use our talents for the collective benefit. Please note that language on your profile that is inaccurate, defamatory, or abusive will be investigated.

Screenshot of Personal Profile of  a user as example of Settings page

Tip: Check out the "Ready to Volunteer Status" toggle! If your status is "on", we'll email you with project recommendations, and nonprofits will be able to request you to work with them.

Your Professional Experience

Don't forget to also include your work experience and professional accomplishments. The easiest way to do this is by importing your resume directly from your LinkedIn. If you want, you can also enter your experience manually by selecting the "Add Experience" button.

Screenshot showing how to add Professional Experience Settings on your Catchafire Profile as well as how to import experience from link

Your Project Preferences 

Within this section you can edit the skill and cause areas that act as your default preferences when browsing the Find A Project page.

Screenshot showing project Preferences Skills Settings on your Catchafire Profile

Screenshot showing project preferences Skills Settings on your Catchafire Profile. Clicking image opens it in a new tab.

Screenshot showing project preferences Causes Settings on your Catchafire Profile. Link opens in a new tab.

Your Communications

Here you can update the kinds of volunteer opportunity-related emails you receive. Please note that our email communications come from If you aren't receiving them, be sure to check your spam folder and add the address to your contact list!

Screenshot showing how to update your communications settings under your personal profie. Clicking image opens it in a new tab.

Following Organizations

Here you can browse the Organizations you've elected to "Follow" on the site, and receive new email notifications when they post new projects!.

Screenshow showing how to browse organizations that you follow on your Settings. Clicking this image opens it in a new tab.

Questions? Ask away using the blue chat bubble on the bottom-right of your screen! (For keyboard-only and screen-reader users, please email us at This link opens in a new tab.)

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