So, you've finished your work. Now what? Time to leave some feedback!

How to Mark a Project Complete and Rate Volunteers

First, make sure you've gone ahead and marked your project "Complete" on your dashboard!

Image shows an in-progress project on the dashboard.

If your Volunteer selected this button first, you'll see an option to "Rate Experience" instead. You can select that button to start the review process for your Volunteer.

screenshot: example of how to mark project complete and find "Rate Experience"

Leave a Public Testimonial 

screenshot: "Provide a Testimonial": Image shows where you can write a testimonial title "Let everyone know how much you've enjoyed working with ________"

If you had a positive experience on your project or call, celebrate your Volunteer with a glowing public testimonial that they can feature in their portfolio. If you did not have a positive experience, just select the "I don't have anything nice to say" box, and a Nonprofit Advisor will follow up with you to learn more.

If for some reason your project was not completed, reach out to us using the blue chat bubble on the bottom-right of your screen (for keyboard-only and screen-reader users, please email us at so we can help you find a new Volunteer.  

Tip: The testimonial is public so please be sure to only post a review you'd like your Volunteer to see!  And if yours accidentally includes a typo, let us know and we can edit it for you.

Check out this example testimonial for inspiration for how to frame yours:

screenshot: example of testimonial left on site

Rate Your Volunteer & Catchafire

We'll always ask you some questions to help us understand how effective our services are and how we can keep improving:

  • How likely is it that you would recommend your Volunteer to a friend or colleague?

  • How likely is it that you would recommend Catchafire to a friend or colleague?

Submit Private Feedback

screenshot: additional thoughts section

If you have additional feedback about your Volunteer that you'd prefer not to share publicly, you can use the "Additional Thoughts" section to let us know. This feedback will go directly to our Nonprofit Advisors, and we may follow up to learn more about your experience. 

Rating Phone Consultations

If your volunteer engagement was a 1-hour phone consultation, we'll also ask you a few quick questions that help us understand the long-term impact and value of the engagement. These questions include:

  • Did you make plans to follow up with your Volunteer?

  • In what ways do you think this call will benefit you or your Organization in the long term?

  • How much would you expect a professional consultant to charge for similar services?

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