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(For Organizations) Scheduling & Conducting 1-Hour Calls
(For Organizations) Scheduling & Conducting 1-Hour Calls

How to schedule - or reschedule - and conduct a 1-hour cal!

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So you've just received applications for a 1-hour phone call - now what? It's time to choose your Volunteer and start scheduling. 

Already have your call scheduled and want some tips on conducting your call? Skip ahead!

Need to reschedule? Skip ahead!

Getting Started

You can review your applications from the "Projects" tab of your dashboard and decide on the best Volunteer(s) for your needs before you start scheduling.

Tip: If more than one Volunteer catches your eye, you can schedule an individual call with each of them!

Scheduling Your Call

To find a time to speak with a Volunteer after reviewing their application on your dashboard, select "Schedule Call."

We ask that you provide at least 5 different time slots to conduct a call. Try to provide a variety of dates and times so that your volunteer can choose a slot that works best for them. Don't forget to accurately set your timezone at the top of the page!

Enter a U.S. phone number for the call. If you are located outside of the United States, please check "I'm not in the U.S," and we'll provide you with a suggested list of free online conference call systems that you can use to help schedule your call.

Tip: Calls can be scheduled over the next 14 days. If you are not available until after this timeframe, return to the scheduling page when you're ready to select times. That said we've found connecting as quickly as possible is the best way to keep your Volunteer engaged!

Next Steps

After selecting "Submit", your selected time slots will be sent to the Volunteer. You'll also be able to decide whether you'd like to connect with your other applicants by selecting "Yes, Connect More." Once Volunteers choose a selected time, you'll be notified via email and see a confirmation message on your dashboard too.

On the day of the phone call, our system will automatically call you at the agreed upon time. In case you miss your call or want to have another staff member join in, you'll also be able to join the meeting using the dial-in and PIN provided to you on your Catchafire dashboard.

What If...

  • Your Volunteer is not available at any of the times you selected. No need to worry! Volunteers can select and propose new times on their end. If they do, you'll receive an email notifying you of these new times and will be prompted to select the time that works best for you on your dashboard.

  • You need to reschedule the call. You can do this directly from your dashboard by selecting "Reschedule" from the Call actions dropdown menu.

  • You wish to cancel a call. You can cancel your project directly from your dashboard by selecting "Cancel Phone Call" from the Call actions dropdown menu. If you've already matched with a Volunteer, make sure you let them know you need to cancel using our messaging portal!

  • You still have more questions to ask. You always have the opportunity to speak with additional professionals by posting another call. Your Catchafire membership gives you access to an unlimited number of 1-hour Phone Calls!

Conducting Your 1-Hour Call

Now comes the fun part - chatting with your volunteer!

Preparing for the Call

Prior to your call, it is recommended that you message your volunteer directly with the following info:

  • Background information to help them understand your Organization (a link to your website, marketing materials, etc.)

  • Any materials you'd like them to review/provide feedback on

  • A meeting agenda, including your goals for the discussion

Doing some preparation in advance will ensure that you make the most of your time together!

Joining the Call

If you are both in the U.S., our automated system will call you at the agreed upon time. If for some reason you do not receive or missed the call at the scheduled time, no worries! You can always use the back-up dial-in and PIN information found on your Catchafire dashboard or call confirmation email.

If one or both of you are outside the U.S.:

Our automated system is unfortunately unable to call international numbers at this time. If you've scheduled an international call, you should have received an email with the other party's contact information. In these cases, we ask that you coordinate directly with your volunteer via the Messaging portal to choose how you'll connect for your call.

Tip: Make sure you mark your call "Complete" on your dashboard after you've completed your international call!


Start your call by introducing yourself, your organization, and give a brief overview of your organization's needs. Allow your volunteer to introduce themselves as well, and what led them to apply for your call. This is a great way to start your relationship off right by building a collaborative rapport.


Once you've given an overview of what you're looking for, give your Volunteer plenty of time on the call to ask you questions and give recommendations. Show that you're actively listening by asking follow-up questions about what they're communicating to you.

Next Steps

Once you've completed your call, be sure to log back in to your dashboard to rate your experience with your Volunteer.

Tip: We suggest sending a follow-up message thanking your Volunteer for their time. We've found this can be a great step towards an ongoing relationship in which you can feel comfortable requesting to work with them in the future!

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at or via the blue chat bubble at the bottom of your screen.

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