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(For Volunteers) Next Steps: Share your experience and stay connected
(For Volunteers) Next Steps: Share your experience and stay connected

Learn how to share your volunteer experience on LinkedIn, and other next steps after you've finished a project! All links open in a new tab.

Written by Bri Thomas
Updated this week

So you've just completed a project or call on what? First off, congratulations! Giving back is no small feat, and we're here to salute you. Read below for a few options and next steps for staying involved.

Spread the Word on LinkedIn

Many Volunteers like to share their accomplishments with their professional network. We've made it easy to do so by seamlessly integrating with LinkedIn. At a minimum, we recommend selecting the "Share on LinkedIn" button on your dashboard to post about the project you just finished.

Screenshot showing how to share project on LinkedIn once you're finished.

We also encourage you to make Catchafire a more permanent part of your profile. This way, folks know you're committed to giving back and are constantly learning and develop your skills in the mean time! We've made this part easy: copy-paste the below bullets into your profile and be sure to fill in the blanks:

Volunteer, [your professional title or skillset]

  • Assist nonprofits with mission critical projects to advance their mission and goals

  • Contributed approximately [$ Impact number]  through [# of projects] engagements with nonprofit organizations

  • Learn more about my impact: [Add Media Files]

Check out some examples below!

💡Tip: You can also share your Project Impact page on your social media channels. Not sure where to find it? Send us a message using the blue chat bubble on the bottom-right of your screen! (For keyboard-only and screen-reader users, please email us at This link opens in a new tab.)

Hit the Follow Button

Stay connected with the Organization you've volunteered for by following them on their various social media channels - they'd love the support!

You can also follow along with Catchafire on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Get Started on a New Project and Expand your Network

The best way to continue supporting the nonprofit community on Catchafire is through continuing to offer your skills! We always recommend trying out a few different project types (including a mix of 1-hour calls and full length projects) to really get a feel for what you like best. Find a new project today!

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