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(For Volunteers) Quick Advise Consultations
(For Volunteers) Quick Advise Consultations
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Catchafire’s Quick Advise Consultations allow you to make an impact in a brand new way. Keep reading to find out more about how you can collaborate with nonprofits by simply answering a question.

What are Quick Advise Consultations?

Quick Advise Consultations is a written question and answer feature where nonprofits can ask questions and have them answered by our community of expert volunteers on their own schedule.

Quick Advise Consultations are a great alternative to a 1-hour phone call if you have a limited amount of time; no need to schedule a phone call or interview, simply give 15 minutes of your time to answer nonprofits’ most pressing questions.

How to respond to a Quick Advise

On the project search page, you will see Quick advise listed as an option under "Type".

On the details page for a Quick Advise, you'll be able to view the question and details about the organization. If you feel as though you are the right fit, you can select "Answer question".

You'll then be prompted to write your answer, and include any relevant experience and knowledge that qualifies you to answer the question.

What's Next?

Once you submit your response to the question, the organization will review your answer. If they find your response to be the most valuable, they will accept your answer. Whether your response is accepted or rejected, you will receive a notification letting you know.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or via the blue chat bubble at the bottom of your screen.

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