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Accessibility: Deaf/Hoh Users
Accessibility: Deaf/Hoh Users

Read more about deaf/hard of hearing user accessibility on the site. Need extra assistance? Send us a message!

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Catchafire is dedicated to making your user experience as accessible as possible. If you have found that the site is not meeting your needs, please reach out to us at [email protected] or via the blue chat bubble at the bottom of your screen.

Auditory Accessibility

We are always working to make our platform more accessible. For users who are deaf or hard of hearing, we have the following recommendations:

  • When scheduling a project interview or 1-hour call, we recommend selecting the option "I'm not in the U.S." when prompted to enter your phone number. This will allow you to bypass our automated calling system and schedule and conduct your call on a platform that works for you! Don't forget to return to your Catchafire dashboard after the call to take any needed follow-up actions!

  • For Organizations interested in viewing our webinar content, all recorded webinars listed here have closed captioning. New webinars will be added about one week after they've been broadcast.

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