On Catchafire, you can connect with Organizations regardless of your location!

Connecting on Calls Outside the US

When you're scheduling a time and date to speak, be sure to indicate that you're located outside of the United States. Make sure that your location is accurate in your Settings so that Organizations know you're outside of the US and can contact you accordingly! Please also check the box "I'm not in the U.S." when prompted to enter your phone number after scheduling a call.

screenshot: select "I'm not in the U.S." option so our system can help you connect on international calls. The image will open in a new tab when selected.

Our team will then follow up with additional information on how to get in touch with the Organization. We'll provide you with a suggested list of free online conference call systems (Skype, Zoom and Google Hangout) that you can download and use to help conduct your interview or 1-hour phone consultation call.

Tip: If you're proposing times for a call, our system will let you know what time zone the other party is in.

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