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(For Volunteers) Updating Contact Information for your call
(For Volunteers) Updating Contact Information for your call

Learn how to change the phone number and/or time zone of your upcoming call to the contact number of your choice.

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Need to edit your contact information for your scheduled call? Not to worry- changing it is easy.

Changing Your Phone Number

If you'd like to update the number our system will dial for a scheduled interview or 1-hour phone call, just log into your Catchafire dashboard, select your appointment, and select "Change the phone number for this call."

Running Short on Time or Missed the Call?  

You can always call back in using the back-up dial in and PIN number, which you can find on your dashboard and call confirmation email.

Updating Your Time Zone

Need to change the time zone of your upcoming call? It's easy - just log on to your dashboard and select "Reschedule from the Call/Interview actions" dropdown menu.

Take a look at the top left corner for the "Edit" button to update your time zone. Don't forget to suggest at least 5 new times to the volunteer.

It is also recommended that you send the Organization a message via the chat portal to let them know why you rescheduled.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at

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