Here at Catchafire, our team is always identifying opportunities to add new projects that help both Organizations and Volunteers connect based on their specific needs. June was a busy month, and we're excited to announce we released 17 new projects across seven categories. Take a look!


Online Crowdfunding Campaign

Raise funds and awareness online for an event or initiative by engaging supporters and motivating people to take action in support of your cause.


Marketing & Communications


Publish your written materials with confidence knowing that the copy has been thoroughly reviewed and edited for grammar and typos, and is consistent with the style and voice of your Organization.

Creating Video for Web and Social Media

Learn how to easily create compelling video content to share with your community on digital platforms.

Custom Social Media Images

Amplify your message through social media and increase engagement with your community by creating compelling images with easy to use design tools.

Event Branding & Marketing Materials

Create a cohesive theme to market your event effectively and get design help with invitations, email campaigns and branded event collateral including signage, presentation templates and displays.

Event Photography

Capture compelling photographs from an event that represents your Organization’s work that can be used to connect and/or share with your stakeholders.

Search Engine Optimization Audit

Assess the current state and gain actionable steps to increase traffic to your Organization's website via organic search.

Social Media Setup

Develop an online presence by creating a social media account on the right platform for your Organization and learn how to manage your accounts.


Human Resources

Interview Training

Set your upcoming hiring process up for success by ensuring your team has proper training on how to interview candidates.

New Employee Onboarding Program

Help new staff members or volunteers adjust to their new role with an effective onboarding program for your Organization including an employee onboarding checklist and recommendations for best practices.


Professional Development

Management Skills Coaching

Work with a coach to develop and refine the skills you need to manage people more effectively and help your organization succeed - whether you’re a first time manager or just looking to strengthen and grow your skill set.


Program Management

Excel Dashboard Creation

Partner with a data and spreadsheet expert to help you set up an accessible template to track key performance indicators that help measure your Organization's success.

Online Research

Get an extra pair of hands on deck to help you conduct basic online research on a particular topic or question.



Google AdWords Set Up

Make the most of a Google Ad Grant by setting up Google AdWords to drive traffic to your organization’s website.

Google Analytics Reporting

Set up the right reports to understand how visitors are navigating your Organization's website and exploring your products and services online.

Website Accessibility Audit

Partner with an expert who will help you assess how accessible your website is to users with disabilities and help you identify next steps towards a website that will be accessible to all.



Shoutout to the following Catchafire team members for making this happen:  Jamie Badia (Email and Content Marketing Manager), Marissa Ferber (Director, Nonprofit Engagement), Nava Friedman (Product Manager), Megan McCann (Senior Product Manager), and Ed Urgola (Head of Product)

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