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(For Organizations) Finding Members For Your Board
(For Organizations) Finding Members For Your Board
Learn how to find volunteers who are interested in serving on your board. All links open in a new tab.
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Volunteer professionals can now be recruited for your board positions that you’ve worked with previously on projects and calls.

Benefits/ Why Should I Choose a Catchafire Volunteer for My Nonprofit Board?

  • Access to a large pool of professionals qualified for board positions.

  • Familiarity with Volunteers, reducing the effort needed to vet the Volunteer as a good fit (since you’ve already worked together and have a working relationship).

  • Ability to more deeply connect with the Volunteers in your network.


Please know that this feature is only available if your foundation sponsor has purchased this feature as an add-on to your Catchafire access.

  1. To indicate your interest in finding qualified professionals, toggle "on" this feature in your settings.

    1. If board recruiting is not a priority at this time, you can simply toggle this feature off. If ever and whenever you're ready, the option will be available to to turn back on!

  2. Once you've toggled "on" the feature, you can connect with Volunteers as normal through projects and calls.

    1. If a Volunteer you’ve worked with is interested in being recruited, you will have the ability to send an invite to them to discuss a board recruitment.

      Note: Only Volunteers and Organizations who both have the toggle on and have worked together (at least started a project) will be able to connect. The Organization always initiates and makes the initial request.

  3. You will see the option to recruit for board in two places:

    1. On in-progress or completed project cards:

    2. In the dashboard alerts

  4. To send a request:

    1. Click on the button in either place mentioned above.

    2. Enter a message to the volunteer in the modal and click send.

    1. The request will be sent to the Volunteer in the messenger and the volunteer can state whether or not they're interested.

      1. We will send an automated message to you letting you know of their decision either way.

      2. The messaging portal remains open in either case.

  5. You can continue to discuss the position through the messenger to discuss more about their experience, interest, and availability.

  6. 30 days after the initial invite we will follow- up with another message in the messenger asking if you've both connected.

    1. You can let us know whether they've joined the board, decided not to join the board, or if they have not yet decided.


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