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(For Organizations) I want to have 1-Hour Phone Calls with Multiple Volunteers
(For Organizations) I want to have 1-Hour Phone Calls with Multiple Volunteers

How to collaborate with multiple Volunteers on a call. All links in this article will open in another tab.

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So you've reviewed several applications for your call and you'd like to chat with more than one Volunteer. Good news, you can speak with everyone!

How to Have 1-Hour Phone Calls with Multiple Volunteers

  • Send one of the Volunteers some times to connect for your call and select "Confirm & Send Availability."

  • When prompted with "Want to connect with additional experts?", select the "Yes, Connect More" button to return to your dashboard and schedule calls with more Volunteers. The screenshots below outline this process.

  • Once you've scheduled with all of the Volunteers you'd like to chat with, select "No, I'm Good" to pass on the other applications. They'll automatically be sent a kind message letting them know you've moved on with another applicant.

Screenshot shows a volunteer's application with the options to 'Schedule Call' or 'Pass' on them.
Screenshot shows user selecting times to speak with the volunteer via our scheduling system.

Screenshot shows user entering their phone number or selecting the option 'I'm not in the U.S.' and then confirming their availability and sending it to the volunteer.
Screenshot shows the message that's prompted after sending availability which asks if the user would like to 'connect with additional experts' to which they can reply 'no, I'm good' or 'Yes, connect more.'

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