Have you received an email from an Organization inviting you to apply to their project? Congratulations! Nonprofits can use our Request A Volunteer tool to send personal invitations to highly qualified volunteers such as yourself.

Accepting the Invitation

In order to reply to an Organization's request, you'll need to submit an application to their project. Please click on the link in the email invitation, log on to your profile, and submit an application! During the interview process you'll be able to ask any questions you may have regarding their Organization and project. 

Remember: If you've been invited to a one-hour consultation call, once the Organization sends you times to chat, you've officially matched! 

What If I cannot accept the invitation?

If you are not able to work on the project or consultation call, no worries! Feel free to search for other opportunities on our platform.

Should you wish to send a message to the Organization that requested you, reach out to us via the blue chat bubble to the bottom right of your screen and we'd be happy to relay it!

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