Communicating about your projects just got easier - our new messaging center is here. Now, you can collaborate with your volunteers directly on Catchafire. We're excited to share this new feature with you.

Where and When To Get Started

During the interview or call scheduling process Organizations and Volunteers can send a message to one another directly through their profiles.

Image shows a user's personal profile.

Users can also visit their messaging center, located on the upper right hand side of your screen by selecting their profile.

Image displays the dropdown menu that appears when a user selects their account icon in the top right corner. The 'Messages' option is highlighted.

The following section will describe the four different ways you can use messaging to manage your work through Catchafire.

As part of our commitment to optimal service and safety, we reserve the right to monitor, modify or remove messages. For further information, see our Terms of Use.

1. Need to communicate during scheduling? Send a message.

Image shows the scheduling system with the profile of someone this user is trying to schedule an interview with highlighted in the top left corner. Under the profile it has a button that says 'Send Message'

If you missed your originally scheduled call or have a question about the project listing, send a message to let your applicants know and keep them up to date.

GIF shows a user selecting a volunteer's name on their dashboard which opens the volunteer's personal profile. The user then selects 'Send Message' right below the volunteer's name which then opens the Messaging Center.

Next Steps:

  • Even if you're messaging, we still strongly recommend holding an interview or call. This is still a critical step in the matching process - it's a time for both you and your potential volunteer to ask questions, learn about one another, and decide if you want to work together.  

Image shows the pop-up message that appears when two users exchange contact information in the Messaging Center. The message says
  • Want to send a message prior to your interview or call? Email our team if you’d like to contact the organization or applicant beforehand.

2. Just finished your call or had problems connecting? Send a message. 

Image shows a project on a user's dashboard with volunteer Vladimir's application submitted. The sentence at that bottom is highlighted and it says

Follow up and message the other party to confirm if they want to set up another time to speak or see if they're ready to move forward and work together.

Next Steps: 

  • Select "Start Project" if you'd like to work together. Sending an invitation will ensure you receive credit for your work together on our site. It's also the only way for our Nonprofit Advisor team can continue to support your project as it progresses. 

  • You can also select "Pass" if you don't think it's a good fit - our team will send an email on your behalf. 

  • If you were able to use our messaging tool to get all your project questions answered, reach out to our team at and we can help facilitate the match. 

3. Want to keep project communications centralized? Send a message.  

Image displays the Messaging Center with a button that says

We get it, a Catchafire project can be one of many things to manage. Within our messaging center we've made it easy to communicate with your applicants and project volunteers all in one place.

Image shows the Messaging Center with the dropdown menu for 'Actions' selected in the top right corner. The options on this menu are

Next Steps:


Using Messaging Actions

Image shows the Messaging Center with the dropdown menu for 'Actions' selected in the top right corner. The options on this menu are

Within this section you can take the following actions to manage your inbox:

  • Leave The Conversation - You can close out a message with a user at any time. Just note that once you leave a conversation, you will no longer be able to access it in your message center.

  • Flag Sender - It is against our Terms of Use to solicit payment for one's work or exchange questionable content. If you think you've received a message that fits this criteria, you can flag the message personally for our team. Don't worry, the other person will not be notified of the flag.

  • Manage this Project - When it's time to move your match forward, head to your dashboard to schedule a call, start your project or rate your experience.



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