Our pre-scoped projects get you anywhere from 5-50 hours of a volunteer's time, and they're great if you need a volunteer to do something for you - like design a new logo, or build you a donor database. We have over 150 project templates on our Project Menu that you can choose from.  (Having trouble finding the right project for your needs? Check out our Needs Assessment)

Once you've selected a project that meets your needs, click the yellow Post This Project button to begin the posting process: 

  • Tip: Not sure if you're ready for this project? Start off with a call to chat with a professional in this field. It's a great way to brainstorm, get feedback, and figure out what to do next. And it only takes an hour!


1. Deliverables

For every project, we've already outlined what you should expect as your final deliverable(s). However, we strongly recommend you add additional context about what you need such as any timeline constraints or how this deliverable will contribute to specific goals you might have for your organization. Add those details to the Add details about what you need section. 

  • Tip: If you find that you’re asking for more deliverables than outlined, post this project again or take a look through our project menu for the closest fit. Doing so will make the experience more manageable for you and the volunteer. You can also talk with one of our Nonprofit Advisors about how you might sequence different projects to fulfill a need in your organization. 


2. Resources

Let applicants know what you’ve already prepared by including information such as:

  •  Current progress you’ve made toward this deliverable
  • Sample work from other organizations you’re using as inspiration
  • Existing resources and staff that will support them in working on the project

The more information you provide, the better your applicants will be able to decide whether this project aligns with their skills and experience.


3. Impact

Help volunteers understand why this project and their skills will help advance your organization’s mission. This information not only makes your post stand out, but it also motivates potential applicants to apply! 

For every project, we've also estimated the amount of money it would cost to hire a consultant to complete the work. Let volunteers know what you could do with the money you’ll save, and help make their potential impact that much more tangible (e.g. $2,000 could result in an additional 200+ after-school meals for children in your community!).  


4. Image

Upload a cover photo as the last step to your project post. Pick a compelling photograph that represents your organization’s mission. This will help your post stand out. 


5. Final Details

Fun Fact

While this field is technically optional, we highly recommend that you fill it out! Sharing a story, a fun fact or another tidbit will strengthen the personal connection between you and prospective volunteers and make them that much more excited to work with you. 

Profile Information 

Ensuring that your profile information is up to date is an essential opportunity to let volunteers put a face to the name of your project, literally! Your profile picture and organization logo are both easy ways to inspire volunteers to apply for your project.


6. Review & Post

Before your project goes live, you'll have a chance to review your entire post. Check for typos or inconsistencies - your post is a reflection of your organization’s professionalism, so make sure it holds up the high quality that your organization is known for.

  • Tip: Want a second set of eyes on your project? Click "Save for Later" before posting it, and let us know. Our Nonprofit Advisors would be happy to review it for you!


7. Post Your Project

When you’re ready, click Post Your Project in the bottom right corner to set it live! Take a look at our confirmation page for guidance on next steps. We encourage you to use our Request A Volunteer tool to invite potential applicants to your project. 

Expect to receive your first applicant within 5 days, and find the right match within 1 to 3 weeks. You’ll get an email from no-reply@catchafire.org every time a volunteer applies.

  • Tip: If you haven’t received any applications within 5 days after posting, we will reach out to you! Work with our team of Nonprofit Advisors to receive 1:1 feedback on how to find the right volunteer faster.


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