After posting a project or call, you can now browse through profiles of highly qualified volunteers and request that they apply to your post.


Why should I request volunteers?

It can speed up your match time.

If you're eager start your project quickly, make the first move by requesting as many volunteers as you'd like. You'll be notified whenever someone is interested in working with you!

You can choose from highly qualified Catchafire volunteers.

You'll only see our best volunteers, so it's easy to find the right person for your needs.


How does it work?

Whenever you request a volunteer, they'll be notified via email that you were impressed by their profile. If they're interested in working with you, they can submit an application for your review.

At the moment, you can request volunteers in two places:

  1. From the confirmation page, immediately after posting a project or call
  2. From your dashboard, within any open post


Shoutout to the following Catchafire team members for making this happen: Matt Farver (Senior Software Engineer), Nava Friedman (Product Manager), Madhumitha Nagarajan (Quality Assurance Lead), Rafael Nunes (Software Engineer), Ed Urgola (Head of Product), and Kate Varner (Director, User Experience) 

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