We’ve updated the way we calculate the short-term dollar value that each of Catchafire’s engagements provide to reflect the following:

  1. An hourly rate and estimated hours that more accurately reflect the skills of and time donated by our pro bono professionals
  2. An estimated and validated cost for project scoping
  3. An estimated and validated cost for talent sourcing

As a result, we’ve seen an average increase in dollar value of 55% for projects and 79% for phone calls. We believe this new methodology better reflects the true value that pro bono professionals provide — and organizations receive — when getting work done through Catchafire.

You can read more about our methodology on our blog.


Shout out to the following Catchafire team members for making this happen: Kathy Brady (COO), Nava Friedman (Product Manager), José Peñarrieta (Software Engineer), Madhumitha Nagarajan (Quality Assurance Lead), and Ed Urgola (Head of Platform).

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