Our 1-hour phone consultations are a great way to get quick answers to questions that you have from volunteers with expertise you need. Phone consultations are different from our pre-scoped projects, which are more involved and require anywhere from 5-50 hours of a volunteer's time.

To post a request for a 1-hour phone consultation, click on Post a Call from your Catchafire dashboard or at the top our project menu. You'll have the option of writing your own post or choosing from one of our topics.  Follow these quick steps below to get started:

1. Choose a call topic

Start with choosing call topic will determine the subject matter of the of the call - our categories range from Data & Analytics, to Marketing Materials, to Human Resources. Choosing the right topic is important because it ensures the right types of professionals are seeing your post.


2. Choose your focus

Select a call focus to determine the structure of your call to receive answers to pressing questions, solve organizational challenges, or simply to brainstorm.


3. Write your post

This section is what professionals will see first when browsing through volunteer opportunities on Catchafire, so you'll want to make sure it clearly communicates your goal of the call. Please ensure your post meets the following guidelines:

  • Write your post as a full sentence or question
  • Make sure your post corresponds to the category selected
  • Provide enough information for an applicant to understand your organization's needs
  • Your request should be addressable through a 1-hour conversation

Posts that do not meet these guidelines may be deleted by the Catchafire team.


  • Need ideas on how to frame your question? You can browse through our list of suggestions based on real questions asked by other organizations in our community!
  • Want someone to proofread your post, or help you formulate a question? Our Nonprofit Advisors can help! Just send us a message.


4. Add additional context

This section is a great place to indicate any extra information that will help a volunteer understand what you're looking for, and determine whether or not they have the skills to help. 


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