The Response Rate and Response Time at the top of your Catchafire dashboard can help you understand whether or not your organization is responding to volunteer applications in a timely manner. 

What counts in my Response Rate and Response Time?

We consider a response to be one of these actions taken from your Dashboard:

  • Clicking the Schedule Interview button on a volunteer's application
  • Clicking the Pass button on a volunteer's application
  • Clicking the Start Project button on a volunteer's application
  • Clicking the Cancel Project button (if you've decided you no longer need the project)

We ask that you respond to volunteer applications within 3 business days. If you do not respond within 3 business days, your response rate will start to decrease and your response time will increase.


What happens if I don't respond to my volunteer applications?

If you don't respond to your applications within the 3 business day timeframe, our system will start sending you reminders to do so. If you are still unresponsive after several weeks, your project will be canceled so that your applicants know to look for other opportunities.



  • Your Response Rate & Response Time are based on the activity of all Volunteer Managers on your organization's Catchafire profile. Encourage your colleagues to respond to applications as quickly as possible, so your organization can maintain a high response rate!
  • Your Response Rate & Response Time are not visible to potential volunteers, and don't currently affect your ability to match on a project or call, so don't stress if it dips lower than you'd like. You can always bring it back up over time.


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