Phone Calls vs. Projects

Projects are fully scoped and range anywhere from 5 to 50 hours. 

Projects are great if you need a volunteer to do something for you - like design a logo or build your organization a new donor database.

Phone consultations get you 1 hour of a volunteer's time. 

Phone consultations are great if you need a volunteer to discuss something with you - like brainstorming a name for a new program, or choosing the right platform to build your website on. They're more freeform, so you can easily customize a post for your needs.


Browse Categories

We've divided our project menu into 8 broad categories that we've found to represent the most common needs of nonprofits. Click into each category to see different bite-sized projects that you can complete:

See a project of interest? Click "More Details" to learn more about it, and "Get Started" to post it!


Search for Specific Projects

Do you know exactly how a volunteer can help your organization? Type in 1-2 key words into the search bar to see related projects!


Talk to our Nonprofit Advisors

Our Nonprofit Advisors are experts on skills-based volunteering and can help you identify the best project on our menu for your needs. Getting in touch is easy:


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