Unless you've been notified that your Organization is eligible for a free Catchafire membership, you must first purchase a membership plan to begin using the site to post projects and connect with Volunteers as illustrated in the video above!

Why We Charge

We charge an annual membership fee to ensure we can provide you with excellent customer service, and constantly update our product with the latest technology. An annual membership to Catchafire includes:

  • Unlimited project slots at any time¬†

  • Unlimited 1-hour phone consultations

  • Access to our Project Menu of 150+ project templates

  • Easy interview scheduling system

  • Over-the-phone project planning services

  • Ongoing customer support

Membership Options

A Catchafire membership is always an annual commitment - think of it like a gym membership that you can use as frequently as you'd like. We offer 2 plans:

  • $2000 upfront for 12 months

  • $199/month for 12 months

There is no difference in the service provided for either plan, but paying upfront amounts to a 20% discount. 

Is my Organization a good fit for Catchafire?

At the moment, Catchafire is available to social good Organizations registered in the US or sponsored by a US-based foundation - although we hope to provide service to international Organizations in the future!

As a rule, we don't support the following types of Organizations:

  • Hate groups and extremist groups

  • For-profit companies without a social mission

Get Started

The first step to joining the Catchafire community as a paid organizational member is to schedule a call with our Nonprofit Partnerships team. We can help you determine if Catchafire is the right solution for you, and help get you started on the site!

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