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(For Volunteers) How do Organizations review project applications?
(For Volunteers) How do Organizations review project applications?
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Our project application and matching process is set up to ensure that both Volunteers and Organizations are able to work together as seamlessly as possible! Read below to learn more about how Organizations review Volunteer applications and what makes some apps really stand out.

Organizations' Application Limits

Organizations can have up to three applications pending at once, and they won't be able to receive any more until they've taken action on the ones they already have. We've set it up in this way to ensure your Volunteer application receives timely, careful consideration.

Typical Response Time

We ask our Organizations to respond to all applications within 2 business days of receiving them, but sometimes they may need some extra time if there's a big event or project on their plate. If an organization hasn't responded to your (and others) application after several weeks, the project will automatically be canceled, and you will be notified.

Seeking Qualified, Passionate Volunteers

Organizations come to Catchafire to get important work done, and it's critical they find the right person for the job. Here are a few things Organizations might be looking for when trying to find the perfect Volunteer for their project:

  • Prior experience: Organizations tend to select applicants with prior experience completing similar projects. Attach work samples to your application to help nonprofits understand your experience!

  • Passion for their cause: Organizations gravitate towards applicants who clearly communicate a shared passion for their work. Make sure this shines through in your application responses!

  • Testimonials: If you have previously received positive testimonials from other Catchafire Organizations, they'll automatically be included in your applications. Testimonials show Organizations that you're a reliable Volunteer.

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