After taking the the time to apply to a project, we know it's disappointing to be rejected. This is why we typically recommend you apply to 2-4 projects at a time to increase the likelihood of being matched! Read below to learn more about why your application may have been rejected and what to do next.

Application Review

We allow Catchafire Organizations to vet volunteer applications themselves - we've found that this process ensures buy-in from both sides, and ultimately, higher quality volunteer engagements. If an Organization has decided to pass on your application, you'll be notified via email from and in your dashboard.

screenshot: notice on your dashboard if you've been rejected from a project/call.

Why Applications Get Rejected

  • The Organization interviewed another Volunteer before you applied, and decided to accept them

  • The Organization was looking for someone with more experience in the field or with a deeper connection to their cause

  • The Organization was looking for someone who has completed similar projects in the past

We highly recommend looking to our Opportunities page for more Catchafire projects that are in need of your skillset. If you'd like specific feedback on your application, contact us using the blue chat bubble on the bottom-right of your screen and we can reach out to the Organization on your behalf.

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