Want to post a project or phone consultation, but can't find the right template? Don't stress! Our Nonprofit Advisors can help you find the perfect fit. Just reach out to us with a description of your needs. If it turns out we don't have what you're looking for, we can consider it as a potential new addition to our menu.

Catchafire's Project Menu: Always Evolving

Our team keeps a close eye on our marketplace, so we can understand which projects are working well, and which projects need to be tweaked or removed if they aren't resulting in successful matches. We're also constantly adding new projects to meet the evolving needs of nonprofits. 


Focused on Virtual, Skills-Based Volunteering

Our mission is to connect organizations around the world with talented professionals on capacity-building projects, meant to strengthen your organization's operations. For the time being, we don't focus on these types of volunteer requests:

  • Manual, in-person labor (e.g., serving meals, building a house, manning a call center)
  • Programmatic volunteering (e.g., teaching a weekly after-school class)
  • Non-skilled virtual volunteering (e.g., data entry)
  • Legal services


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